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Information on various species of flowers and plants found in South Africa from the common to the exotic.

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Sprawling Duneweed.

Sprawling Duneweed

Africa Flowers Guide Information: Habitat : An abundant coloniser of foredunes. Its stem, leaves and fruit are covered with turgid, swollen cells that give the plant a glistening
Sea Pumpkin.

Sea Pumpkin

Africa Flowers Guide Information: Habitat : A common occupant of coastal foredunes which forms small hummocks. The hairs on its leaves are a means of reducing desiccation.


Africa Flowers Guide Information: Habitat : Stabilises shifting sands with its extensive roots, building small hillocks. The thick waxy layer on its leaves reduces water loss.
Hottentots Fig

Hottentots Fig

Africa Flowers Guide Information: Carpobrotus sauerae. Habitat : A coastal creeper on rocky outcrops and dunes that are already partly stabilised. Actively pollinated by a range of.
Goats Foot

Goats Foot

Africa Flowers Guide Information: A sprawling creeper, long runners bear pairs of bilobed leaves (resembling a goat's cloven hoof). Flowers trumpet-shaped
Glasswort Samphire

Glasswort Samphire

Africa Flowers Guide Information: A sprawling perennial succulent. Stems jointed; no obvious leaves. Flowers tiny, arranged in threes at stem nodes. Size: 30 mm tall. Related Species
Estuarine Pondweed.

Estuarine Pond Weed

Africa Flowers Guide Information: Estuarine Pondweed is Related to species: Ruppia cirrhosa: flower stalk coiled. Potamogeton pectinatus: flowers clustered on a spike.
Cape Eelgrass

Cape Eelgrass

Africa Flowers Guide Information: Description of Cape Eelgrass, Creeping roots. Leaves narrow, flat; tips rounded, faintly notched. Blades 10 - 30 cm, 1 mm wide. Related species is


Africa Flowers Guide Information: Habitat : Grows high on estuarine shores, in sandy areas that lie close to, or just above, the high-tide level.
Oval-leafed Saltweed.

Oval-leafed Saltweed

Africa Flowers Guide Information: Oval-leafed Saltweed is found on the lower parts of waterlogged intertidal sandbanks in estuaries, particularly where the water is brackish
Dune Slack Rush

Dune Slack Rush

Africa Flowers Guide Information: Dune Slack Rush dominates saltmarshes where salinities are low; often extends into dune slacks bordering saltmarshes. One of several species
Bulbous Marshweed.

Bulbous Marshweed

Africa Flowers Guide Information: Bulbous Marshweed is common in high-shore saltmarshes at the top of estuaries. Latin name is Triglochin bulbosa
Blue Squill

Blue Squill

Africa Flowers Guide Information: The tuft of leaves at the top of the bulb grows up to full size of 400 mm during summer. Many of these are tiny plants only a few inches high with small
Ground Morning Glory

Ground Morning Glory

Africa Flowers Guide Information: The leaves vary a great deal in shape. Flowering occurs during December and January. Flower size: 3,5 cm.
Barberton Daisy

Barberton Daisy

Africa Flowers Guide Information: Small daisy with a rosette of irregularly shaped leaves; often deeply divided. The flowers are actually flower heads made up of many, small, tightly
Day Water Lily

Day Water Lily

Africa Flowers Guide Information: Aquatic plant with round, floating leaves split by a V-notch. These plants have underground stems which are firmly anchored to the mud under water by
Wild Foxglove.

Wild Foxglove

Africa Flowers Guide Information: Tall annual herb with erect stems. Leaves are opposite, are 3-lobed and toothed. Flowers are pale pink or white in colour, elongate and trumpet-shaped.
Devils Thorn

Devil's Thorn

Africa Flowers Guide Information: Devils Thorn is a small annual herb with trailing stems. Leaves are opposite and toothed; flowers are pink-mauve in colour and trumpet-shaped
Wild Dagga.

Wild Dagga

Africa Flowers Guide Information: Sparse shrub with tall, 4-angled stems which are square in cross-section. The leaves are in pairs, may be narrow or broad and are toothed; they are
Wild Verbena.

Wild Verbena

Africa Flowers Guide Information: This is quite a hairy plant that grows up to a height of 400 mm. It may be single- or multi-stemmed, with various leaves that mainly grow near the
Impala Lily

Impala Lily

Africa Flowers Guide Information: It flowers mainly in July, but will also bloom as late as mid-September in places where it is cultivated. Flower size is about 5 cm across.
Lucky Bean Creeper

Lucky Bean Creeper

Africa Flowers Guide Information: The pods of this slender vine split open to reveal attractive scarlet and black seeds which are known as Lucky beans. They cling to the plant for a long
Monkeys Tail.

Monkeys Tail

Africa Flowers Guide Information: Wispy green leaves appear at the tips in spring. Flowers follow in early summer, about November. Flower size 5cm long
Pride of de Kaap.

Pride of de Kaap

Africa Flowers Guide Information: They have characteristic two-lobed or winged leaves which have a width of 60 mm. The main flowering time is in March and April, but plants may already
Krantz Aloe

Krantz Aloe

Africa Flowers Guide Information: A multi-stemmed aloe with thick, yellow-green leaves. The leaves are usually sharply toothed on the margins and are very juicy with a yellowish, slimy
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